woensdag 6 juli 2011

Day[9] and HuskyStarcraft

Most of you guys are well known with these 2 Starcraft casters. I personally love these 2 casters and I enjoy watching their cast very much.

But there is a different between these two kind of casters. I find Day[9] more educative when to learn things about Starcraft, not that Huskey don't give us good tips, but Day[9] just goes deeper into them. A good example is the "Newbie Tuesday". On those cast he talks about things you can learn. (He is such a good teacher, way better then any of my teachers could)
Day[9] cast everyday different kind of games, Monday he focus his cast on "Monday Funday" and Tuesday its "Newbie Tuesday".

Day[9] also cast big leagues, which he recently did Dreamhack in Sweden, go watch it, trust me it was awesome.

When I played in the early days of SC2 I lacked a lot of skill, didn't played any RTS before (except for Red Alert 1, 2 and a little Generals) but I never thought about tactics. I knew it was needed but really didn't know how to.
Then I start to watch youtube about SC2 and I finally met Day[9]. After a couple of games I start to feel I needed to watch more for my improvement on SC2.
Thats when I saw it, Day[9] The Mental Checklist I watched the whole 1hour 40 min cast TWICE! yeah twice it was that good (and think about it I NEVER watch something twice because I don't have really the patience for it). I recommended it to everyone I knew who played SC and some of them took the advice and some of them, well they aren't really the gamers, skipped it.

There are many more video's from Day[9] cast. I really recommend you to watch those cast if you want to improve your game play and to have some fun.

 Here are some links to Day[9]:

HuskyStarcraft, this man is hilarious awesome cool SC caster. He made me laugh a zillion times! THOR IS HERE! and ofc PYLO etc etc all these things made me want to watch more and more! I subscribed to him after the first cast I saw. 
If you love SC 2 and want to see some epic battles watch Huskystarcraft.

He mostly cast from his house in LA (use to be Oregon) he done some live cast but not as much as Day[9] (I think) but Currently Husky and Day[9] are casting GSPA at the moment, make sure to watch it, Pro's playing but also none pro players where able to sign up.

There are many more casters but these 2 are the one I watched most although I heard  that Ahnaris is quite the man too, but I don't have that much of a time to watch them all. Go and find your favorite caster and enjoy those Starcraft casts!

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  1. Nice read, I have been following Day9 from the start and he was the one behind me going from bronze to gold league in such a short time!!

  2. nice, i love sc2 too.
    what is the race you play?
    im in the master league!
    +1 and following,

  3. GZ mate, i playd some time ago warcraft3, but i was lame a lil bit :0 anyway keep it on and get rid of koreans wich r best in starcraft :)

  4. I tried to download the game when it was a free trial. Waited for about 15 hours (left my computer on at night). 97% downloaded. ERROR. Ragequit the game forever

  5. I doubt my laptop could even run this game.