dinsdag 5 juli 2011

preparing my matches

Before I start I make a plan, a "gameplan"as I like to call it. This depend on what I go against. My plan consist of 1 or multiple small things I like to achieve, if I can achieve it multiple times I consider it *learned* those small plans mostly are like:
  • keep harrasing.
  • tech to broodlords
  • my third expansion at the 10min mark 
This all can be done in 1 match. It is not as difficult as it may sound. You can take your third while keeping your enemy in his base by harrasing and keep on teching till you got broodlords.
2 points done while only keeping him in his base by harrasing.

This will not always work because they can put up Anti air (if I am going mutalings) or they tech a little faster and harras me first. Even if they fend it off their army is smaller cause of the minerals they need to spend on their anti air, you can make a tech switch and suprise your opponent but thats for later on (not really that good, maybe a point I can put in to improve?). But that's not the point, my goal is to work toward things which eventually when I keep on practicing I will get better at it and make this work.

Make sure if you use this plan to stick with it a couple of matches, that way you can get a reliable conclusion, like: "It worked the first time but then 2 matches it failed hard, but then suddenly it worked again." After you went through a list and might notice "Hey, all my wins where against Terran so its a nice tactic I can use against them".
Don't forget, its your game you can copy the pro players Build Order, but if you are getting killed over and over again it wont make you happy at least thats how I experienced it (reason why I stopped).

So th tip for today is make a plan stick with it and after your match look your replay and decide what you did wrong, what the cause of the bad thing was that happened to you and how to improve.

And remember, always keep up your macro and scouting.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. When I first started Starcraft, I never thought it would be as deep as it turned out to be. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Pretty good tips in general for gaming. Can be applied differently.

  3. interesting gameplay advice :D this'll help my starcraft gameplay :3 +follow