maandag 4 juli 2011

Introducing myself

My name is Stuart and I am a 20 year old male from the Netherlands.

Currently I am living with my girlfriend in Haarlem. We live with each other for about 9 months now. I study Biotechnology in a nearby city. I have a mother living about 30mins away, an older sister with a little daughter (such a cute little girl) and my younger brother who is about twice the size of me.

My blog is about my improvement on Starcraft 2. I'll write about the games I play, how I experienced it and what my plan is to improve on what and how. I'll try to point it out with screenshots and replays as much as
possible so you all can get a clear view of it. I wont post every game but the once that helped me with my goal as much as possible.

The race I currently play is Zerg, after playing all 3 races the swarm came out as the race I liked the most.
I first starting to playing Starcraft 2 (SC2 for now on)on the release day in the Netherlands. After my crappy placement matches and 55 games played I got in mid Platinum and took a break after from October till July because of school.

Got my placement matches in the new season (with crappy micro AND macro, I somehow lost it all) I got in Platinum (weird huh? yeah thats what I thought)

This doesn't mean its only for high gold/low plat players ,it might help the lower and maybe even the higher level players a tiny bit too.

Sometimes I even play 2vs2 with my brother (Protoss) and a mate of my (also Protoss) so I might get in a few blogs about those matches too.

This is it for now I'll get my first match and improvement as soon as possible.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I'll follow up with your progress in improving you gaming skills. Keep ond playing!

  2. It's cool to see a blog about a specific game. So many people just talk about all games, and not how they get through one. Cool blog dude!