donderdag 28 juli 2011

Season 3

I play on the EU servers and Season 3 started on 27 July. The first thing I wanted to do is to play my one placement match.
Season 1 ended for me on high Platinum but after that I took a long break and got back near the end of Season 2 which ended on low Platinum. I started to lose almost everything (which I wrote about earlier).

When I started my SCII I was kinda nervous about the league I would go in. I pressed the button and adrenaline floated through my body. I saw my opponent was a Zerg player (my worst match up ever). Earlier this week I saw a Day[9]'s broadcast about Sen's ZvZ and it learned me a few things I thought I would use.
The worse about it was that I went to play without a plan.....

Allright my first match of the day. ZvZ.

Replay here:

As you can see my opponent went with a ten pool and I went for my twelve pool when I scouted his base. This way I could get my queen out on time and a couple of zerglings for the first 6 lings. This idea I saw in one of the video's earlier mentioned. And even if he didn't attacked with the first 6 lings as he shouldn't do in my opinion (because I can have to much defense for that to work).

This part is the first of which made me proud. My Queen got out RIGHT when his 6 lings got into my base. I micro my queen around my hatchery and I could block the lings from picking off my queen. I lost nothing AND picked of his 6 lings. Right after my lings got out and run it straight up to his base, picked off HIS queen (ooh yeah!) and ran away when I saw his roach warren. Meanwhile I made a baneling nest, which wasn't a good idea since he started to make only roaches, but in this cause it was okay. Made 4 banelings and killed 6 drones.

I transitioned into roaches with +1 attack. Since I had 1 base more and double his drones I found myself in a pretty good position. Keep building roaches and speedlings. I didnt forgot to scout (which sometimes happen).
He blocked his ramp tho with roaches so I didn't got an opportunity to run my lings in his main. Then he tried to expand. but my lings could attack it, Send 1 ling in and BAMN he send all of his roaches (major mistake he made there.) So I could run in ALL my lings in his main and pick off his queen, hatch and roach warren all tough some drones escaped It was a big step for me to win. He only just got his expansion up and couldn't make more roaches so I thought! He MUST attack or he definitely lose.
And my guess was right

Luckily I had 3 spinecrawlers up and moved some of my roaches on the high ground, which he had no vision on and massacred him with my +1 roaches against his +0 roaches.

Clean win you think? Yeah definitely but a major win for me. I thought straight made the right decision and won like a boss.

This is not a master league zerg player but a high gold, it would have gone all different if it was a Master/Diamond league zerg player but hey, I am learning aint I?

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  1. Interesting Blog and interesting game!

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